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Kona View Coffee Farm

In November 2019, we were named Semi-Finalists in the Kona Coffee Cultural Festival Cupping Competition. We placed 4th in the 2018 competition. We also were honored to have been chosen as a Finalist in the same competition in 2012, 2013 and 2015. We have also been awarded Certificates of Excellence from the Hawaii Coffee Association in 2016-2019 and placed within the top 10-15 farms each year.

Our farm lies at 1,470 feet elevation right in the middle of the Kona Heritage Corridor (aka the Kona Coffee Belt) and we feel that this elevation and soil content combine to produce an incredible tasting 100% Kona Coffee. Many feel that the coffee grown in this particular area of Kona produces the best coffee of the region.

Kona View Estate rests on 3 acres of land on the steep volcanic slopes of Hualalai. We have 2 acres planted in coffee. This land has had coffee planted on it for 30 years but the previous owners never sold their coffee to the retail market. After tasting our coffee for the first time we thought that it was a shame not to share it so we created our own brand and labeled it Kona View Coffee.

Our coffee trees are Kona Typica which is a strain of Coffea Arabica. We dry process and grade all sizes of our beans separately and they all go on a gravity table to separate any beans of each size that are not the proper density. We further hand sort all our our beans before and after roasting them.

Our coffee cherry is picked from August through December. The product is 100% Kona Coffee and is a Certified Estate coffee through the Kona Coffee Farmers Association. This means that all steps of the coffee process from picking to roasting have been under our direct and documented control and no other beans have been used. We are members of the Kona Coffee Farmers Association which helps promote 100% Kona Coffee.

We process our cherry three different ways: pulped natural, partially washed, wet process/fermented to offer different flavor profiles to our coffee, and are one of only a few farms in Kona to do this. We offer a very unique Single Origin 100% Kona coffee Espresso roast called "Sweet Waves". Sweet Waves is comprised of 3 separate roasts with differing flavor profiles to build complexity in the cup. We use all three of our differently processed beans to build this very rare Single Origin Espresso that many feel is one of the best in the world.

All of our coffee is roasted on premise in our state of the art coffee Roastery. It is a full commercial workspace and features a Giesen 6 Kilo drum roaster. Giesen is considered by many in the specialty coffee industry to be the ultimate artisanal coffee roaster. Our roasting is computer aided and we use Cropster for our data logging. We can store all roast profiles for later reference. We also were honored to provide the roasting for the Featured Farm Program at Daylight Mind for several years. We now roast to order any day of the week and also have a coffee of the month club where we will send you coffee on a regular basis.