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We developed our 100% Kona espresso called "Sweet Waves" with Shawn Steiman (with help from Brian Webb) at Daylight Mind Coffee Company. On the left you can see them formally cupping the 3 roasts that comprise Sweet Waves. To build complexity in the cup - with only single origin beans - we rely on three very different roast profiles. We also use pulped natural, fermented/washed and the traditional washed processes to remove the pulp from our cherry. The pulped natural especially adds a level of sweetness that is extraordinary in the cup. We are one of a handful of farms that use these three processes. Sweet Waves is not an order-on-demand product since it requires 3 large quantity roasts. We roast 2-3 times a month for Daylight Mind and and any orders made here will be filled with the next available roast.

100% Kona Espresso Roast
Sweet Waves is also exclusively available at both Daylight Mind coffee shops here in Hawaii and online: