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We developed our 100% Kona espresso called "Sweet Waves" with Shawn Steiman (with help from Brian Webb) at Daylight Mind Coffee Company. On the left you can see them formally cupping the 3 roasts that comprise Sweet Waves. To build complexity in the cup - with only single origin beans - we rely on three very different roast profiles. We now process our cherry three different ways: Pulped Natural (also called the Honey Process), Traditional Fermented and Partially Washed. The honey process especially adds a level of sweetness that is extraordinary in the cup. We are one of a handful of farms that use the Honey process.

Since Sweet Waves needs three roasts it will only be available to be shipped out once a month. We will roast Sweet Waves orders when we roast for our Coffee Club - on the Second Sunday of the month. You don't need to be a member of our Coffee Club to order Sweet Waves.

Please note that the price of Sweet Waves has been lowered and is available at our regular retail price. Sweet Waves is now available through our Coffee Club at a further discount.

Sweet Waves Espresso Roast - 8 oz
100% Kona Espresso Roast
This product must be ordered when we roast for our Coffee Club - the second Sunday of the Month.