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Does it really take an absolute state-of-the-art artisanal roaster
(a Giesen 6W) to roast coffee? Probably not - but much of what we do here would be impossible without the superior control that this drum roaster affords us. This roaster has 2 drums - one inside of the other. The outer drum is cast iron. It takes up and releases heat quickly. The inner drum is soft steel like most other drum roasters. This allows for a very responsive roasting profile. In addition the cast iron face plate adds a superior source for conductive heat. Giesen handles airflow via internal drum pressure which allows superior control over what most other roasters use (a percent of fan speed.) This coupled with a variable drum speed makes this roaster capable of whatever a roastmaster is trying to accomplish. Sophisticated roasting relies on adjusting the balance between conductive and convective heat during all phases of the roast and we have found that the Giesen roaster offers superior control.

Did we really have to build a commercial quality Roastery overlooking our award winning coffee fields? Probably not, but here at Kona View Coffee we really love quality and especially the view. Come up and visit us!

Here are the Contract Roasting Services that are available:

Roasting - 2.75# -15# - Per Batch - $20.00
Weigh, Bag and Seal
Attach Your Label
4 oz zipper lock bags (gold foil/valve)
8 oz gusseted bags (gold foil/valve)
8 oz zipper lock bags (gold foil/valve)
16 oz gusseted bags (gold foil/valve)
16 oz zipper lock bags (gold foil/valve)
5# bags (gold foil/valve)